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Slim down your processes with a contemporary print data workflow that sets standards since 2009. The start is easy, so you can receive print data via DUON within a few days! Many printing and media houses have realized a continuous optimization of the entire internal workflows in the last years.
These are the benefits for you and your team:
  • Defined technical specifications at DUON INFO for delivering agencies and clients – no questions remaining!

  • DUON JOBS checks the ads before delivery - the tuning and coordination costs for incorrect data will drop to zero!

  • Changes to your conditions are communicated immediately to all agencies and clients - it reduces the communication and coordination process to a minimum.

  • Central support for your clients and agencies.

How to take part:
  • After accepting an individual offer we set up your title for DUON -INFO. Once you have certified the technical specifications, these can be viewed by the data sender to create the print data.

  • You will receive a smart module, which receives your checked printing material and the acceptance-pass.

  • We inform all connected data senders (more than 6.500) about your participation on DUON.

  • You are ready for DUON!
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