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For Senders

Send your print data over one channel to all relevant magazines in Germany! No questions remain open as a result of certified ad-specs. You receive receipt automatically, when your advertisements arrives at the recipient. The dispatch is easy: create PDF, enter job details, send!

The agency everyday- life is characterized by tight deadlines, fast response times and a constantly changing environment. The same problems can also be found on the client side, where commercial production takes place in-house. Therefore all technical parameters for creating the correct PDFs are available and daily updated on DUON INFO.

With DUON JOBS you use the free Preflight (testing software) based on the CALLAS engine, known from Acrobat Pro. If an error in your PDF is localized, you get a report that shows the corresponding points. If there are any questions you can contact our support, which helps you with advice and technical expertise. Finally, nothing will stand in the way of your successful dispatch to the publisher.

Why DUON helps you to work faster and more efficiently:
  • Provision of free technical specifications of the most relevant magazines in Germany

  • Free checking of the print data before sending it to the publisher

  • Overview of all your jobs sent

  • Notification of successful delivery or error message by email

  • Free Support- Hotline: Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Here you find a Quick Start Guide for the delivery of print data.




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